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greaser_doll56's Journal

30 March
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Hey for those who dont know me... Am just Rockabilly gal My name isDollie. I am happy to say I have a boyfriend, Sonny, that i love very much!!! we've have been together for a year and seven months now but it seems like its been forever... I love being with my boyfriend whether it's Spending the night, going to rockabilly shows, playing pool, going to the movies, going to the park or beach and much more!! I love hanging out with my two very good friends Micho and Thunder Chunky. WE love to go out and have fun whether its hanging out at each others houses or going out!!!
*1st my love sonny, *baking, *buddy holly, *calavera, *cherries, *classic cars, *creepers, *dancing, *devil doll, *dr. martins, *drinking, *drive ins, *elvis, *etc, *food, *go cat go, *greasers., *hot rods, *johnny depp, *moonlight cursiers, *movies, *music music music!!, *pencil skrits and dresses, *playing cards, *playing pool, *pomadores, *red lipstick, *richie valens, *rockabilly, *rockabilly shows!!, *shopping, *vintage clothing, *wearing high heels